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Philosophy of Christian Education

Christian Philosophy

Philosophy of Christian Education

"Live life, then, with a due sense of responsibility, not as men who do not know the meaning of life and purpose of life, but as those who do." Ephesians 5:15

Linville Hill Christian School holds the following philosophy:

1. The people of God are a distinct people with a distinct calling and unique educational goals. They must educate to:

a. transmit their history and make their identity clear
b. train in the skills needed to carry on the work they consider important
c. teach the values they consider important
d. help the young develop their own personal view of reality.

2. The task of education is carried on not only in schools, but it is the work of the whole people. In fact, it is only as they are practiced by the group that values taught in schools can be expected to be taken seriously.

3. The educational task is seen as a part of the people's faithfulness to God and thus should be subjected to regular scrutiny to keep it in touch with the goals and needs of the people of God.

4. The ultimate purpose of education as practiced by the people of God is to aid in living as a reconciled and reconciling people.

"For an educational process to have integrity, the values taught to the young must be practiced by the adults."