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High School Overview

Grades 9-12

High School Overview

Our High School has grown to serve 60+ students in Grades 9-12.

Meet our High School Director

In 2016 our school board began to explore the possibility of adding high school to our existing K-8 program.  This discussion began with a question posed by one of our board members, “Why start a high school?”  As that team of local businessmen met to consider that question, a clear theme emerged.  They noted that often the young people who were coming to work for them lacked many of the basic skills that were important to becoming a life-giving part of part of those businesses.  These business owners shared that this was true for both high school and college graduates and their thoughts led to an important next question.  Would it be possible for us to create a school which taught core academics Monday-Thursday and used Fridays for an internship program that would give high school students real-world experience before they entered the workforce?  Our answer to that question was, “Yes, it is possible…let’s build a high school like that.”

We took the idea of the internship program and built around it developing five pillars as the foundation for this new high school.  The five pillars are:

  • Real-World Experience

  • Practical Instruction in Finance

  • Dynamic Faith Opportunities

  • A Kingdom Worldview

  • Thoughtful Co-Curricular Opportunities

We shared this vision with the community and for the 2016-17 school year welcomed 31 students to our high school.  Those students each served in two internship blocks, one in the fall, the other in the spring, where they were mentored as they learned to know more about career fields from medicine to construction.  The response from both students and business partners has been very positive as students gain valuable experience and businesses make a front-loaded investment in this emerging generation of young people. 

In addition to our unique internship program, our high school has developed around a firm commitment to create dynamic faith opportunities for our students.  Together, these values have drawn a number of new students to campus for the 2017-18 school year.  This year will mark our first graduating class and proves to be an exciting next step for our community.   

Linville Hill Christian School has been an answer to prayer for our family. We wanted a small, Christian school for our children where they were not just a number but could have meaningful relationships which help them grow in their faith. This IS the school for our family.
— Parent of Linville Hill students

Experience Linville Hill High School

We love the teachers. Our children say, ‘Our teachers don’t just tell us what to do and instruct us, they take time to get to know us and they truly care about us.’
— Parent of Linville Hill students


Internships That Prepare Students For Life

Our program will offer students the opportunity to be paired with a business partner who is willing to mentor the student in the specific industry of interest and educate them in the job tasks and skills required to be successful in that area.  Our anticipation is that these opportunities will allow each student to develop their knowledge of a chosen field of business and offer them a nurturing environment to discover their God-given gifts and talents.

This program will also provide developmental classes in workplace etiquette, interviewing, application processes, resume writing, portfolio building, finance,  which the student will receive through Linville Hill Christian School.

Program  offers a minimum of two (2) ten (10) week opportunities for service per school year.

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I never knew that school could be so fun and encouraging. My teachers are awesome and I have real friends here.
— Student, junior