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9th Grade English - Mrs. Roberts

Welcome to 9th Grade English!

do-hard-things In 9th Grade English will learn to think deeply about their faith, discover deep truths in the Bible, gain an understanding of God's kingdom, and begin to uncover God's plan for their life. They will learn how to process their thoughts, ask questions, dig into a text, speak with conviction, and communicate through writing. I have selected a variety of books, articles, videos, and projects that will stretch and challenge them this year.

We are starting off this year with 9th and 10th graders reading the same book. This text, Do Hard Things, by Alex and Brett Harris, was written when the authors were only 17 years old. The book challenges students to rebel against the low expectations that our secular culture sets for them by embracing "hard things" that God calls us to do. Students at Linville Hill are surrounded by a staff that does not shy away from challenges, and it is our goal to model the principles set out in this book through the way we live our daily lives.

I encourage you to discuss this book at home as a family. If you would like to see more information about Do Hard Things, Alex and Brett, and the movement that has been created, you can see !