Purpose Statement

1. Teach and train students in accordance with the fundamental goals of education such as the
development of character, command of fundamental processes, preparation for further education
and/or vocation, and worthy use of time.

2. Integrate all teaching and activity with the knowledge of God, as revealed in His word, and His
authorship of all things.

3. Explain the Holy Scriptures so that the students may know God as He has revealed Himself, for
“the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom and the knowledge of the Holy is understanding.”

4. Help the child learn the true purpose of his life as being rightly related to God, enabling him to
adjust properly to his society and to the world.

5. Meet the daily attendance, health, and curriculum guidelines prescribed by the Commonwealth of
Pennsylvania for non-profit, religious educational institutions.

6. Provide an equal opportunity for education for all eligible students regardless of race, sex,
nationality, or ethnic origin.